Black-Eyed Susan’s continues to excel

Black-Eyed Susan’s continues to excel

signBlack-Eyed Susan’s at 10 India St on Nantucket, has the charm of a sort of “hand-made” restaurant, but a very good one. We’ve eaten there mostly for breakfasts, but they have an intriguing dinner menu as well. At breakfast, they have most of the usual dishes, plus a number of fascinating additions.

The restaurant is a lot of fun, because the kitchen is right there and you can watch them make your meal.Grill counter

Portugues scramble
Portuguese Scramble

At this visit, we tried their Portuguese Scramble: scrambled eggs with linguica, tomatoes, spinach and garlic, and found it excellent, especially when served with the Nantucket Bakeshop’s Sunflower Oatmeal bread. The linguica sausage added a mild hotness to the scramble, and the tomatoes and garlic added an excellent mixture of flavors.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

For our other entrée, we had their delicious Eggs Benedict, served with an ample slice of tender ham and a nice, lemony hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin. Not too many restaurants do this one right, but Black-Eyed Susan’s decidedly does.

On weekends, you will probably see a line for breakfast/brunch, but they move quickly and you probably won’t wait too long. In addition to their indoor seating, they have a lovely back garden with more seating in good weather.

Black-Eyed Susan’s is open from April through October, but be forewarned: they do not take credit cards.  However, they are perfectly willing to wait for you to run to the nearest ATM. They told me this happens quite often!

Rosa Rugosa
Rosa Rugosa



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