Anti-GMO scandal deepens

Diagrams from Bucci’s report showing how images from one paper were reused in another.


Professor Federico Infascelli’s papers were called into question as we reported Monday when figures from his 2010 paper were reused in a 2013 and 2015 paper for completely different experiments. The figures represented gel electrophoresis of DNA from animals he had fed either GMO soy or non-GMO soy, in which he attempted to assert differences that most scientists doubted existed. He has been accused of serious scientific misconduct.

His entire fraudulent edifice collapsed yesterday when Enrico Bucci of the firm BioDigital Valley issued a report of his digital analysis of eight of Infascelli’s group’s papers, including a Ph.D. thesis now in question. The conclusions, reported here, are quite damning, showing

  • Data digitally deleted
  • Figures being cropped to eliminate data
  • Data being spliced in
  • Data completely fabricated
  • Figures were created by moving data between lanes in the images
  • Lanes being duplicated
  • Bands being deleted
  • Software deletion of data

Moreover, even if the papers had been truthful (and they clearly are not), biologist Layla Katiree has noted in Biofortified that Infascelli failed to specify the source of the animal feed and failed to report a nutritional analysis of the feed to assure that except for the presence of “GMO soy,” the feeds were nutritionally equivalent. In fact, he fails to note which traits the bioengineered soy actually contained, or who manufactured it.

Infascelli’s work has been used by the anti-GMO movement to assert that consuming food made from plants with GM traits is somehow different and dangerous. This entire thesis has collapsed in the presence of this fraud, making his assertions considerably less credible.


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