Chocolate Bavarian Torte

Chocolate Bavarian Torte

This delicious chocolate mousse filled chocolate cake is a spectacular winner for your Valentine’s Day party or even a dinner for two. But it is very rich and could easily feed a dozen hungry people. We want to make it clear that the recipe is from John Barricelli’s fantastic Sono Baking Company Cookbook, which you should buy immediately. We’ve made a number of small changes to accommodate the pans and tools in our kitchen.

There are three parts to the recipe, baking the cake, making the mousse and finally icing the final cake with a chocolate ganache frosting. The only thing that actually takes much time is making the mousse, and it has to chill before you can use it, as does the ganache. And after moussing the cake, you should plan to freeze it for 4 hours or overnight. So the elapsed time is parts of 2 days, but the work time is much shorter.

The best use of your time is to make the mousse first, so it can be chilled while the cake bakes and cools. Then, you can spread the mousse between the layers and freeze it overnight. We put our layers inside a spring form pan and wrapped it in foil so the layers would stay in position until it froze.

The recipe calls for 3 layers of cake. You can make the cake in 3 pans or, if you have one, bake the cake in a 3” deep 9” cake pan and slice it into 3 layers when it cools. We had that pan so we did it that way. The cake stays a bit moister that way and you don’t waste as much cake leveling the dome off between layers.

Chocolate mousse

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