The Summer House: relaxing and elegant

signWe returned to The Summer House in ‘Sconset, as we do most years, knowing that we can always count on good service, an elegant atmosphere and fine cuisine. The Summer House includes a few elegant cottages, a poolside bar and cafe, and a full-service restaurant open each evening. The restaurant is decorated in white, with white tablecloths and has both indoor and outdoor tables to choose from.

The Summer House

Soon after we were seated, the waitress brought us a small amuse-bouche, smoked bluefish on melba toast, which was flavorful, and with a nice crunch. We cannot praise our waitress too much, as on a Monday night, she was the only waitress for the entire dining room (8 tables), and kept up her exhausting duties with good cheer and exceptional skill.

CaesarOne of our appetizers was an absolutely superb Caesar salad ($17) where you could pick out the garlic and anchovy flavors, as well as the thinly slice Parmesan cheese on top. This was a substantial salad, and you could consider sharing it if you are ordering one of the more filling entrees.

lobster bisqueOur other appetizer was a bowl of Lobster Bisque ($19) with crème fraiche and chives. There is no requirement that a lobster bisque contain any lobster, but this one did contain two thin strips of lobster buried in a delicious, rich bisque. And, it should be noted, the bisque was not a bit bitter, which often happens when they cook the shells too long. This one was perfect.

Agnolotti al Plin
Agnolotti al Plin

The Agnolotti ($36) we ordered for one of our entrees was far and away the best dish we’ve had on the island this year, and it doesn’t even include meat or seafood. This was Sweet Corn Agnolotti al Plin, which are little ravioli, pinched together by hand (that’s what al plin means). They are filled with corn and ricotta, and served with grilled mushrooms, blistered tomatoes, basil and truffle. Again, this was absolutely excellent.

Fluke Meuniere
Fluke Meuniere

Finally, our other entrée was Fluke Meuniere ($38) with pole beans, baby greens, confit potato and caper brown butter. You will note that this bears some similarity to the flounder preparation we had at the Grey Lady. And both have the potential for being overcooked. And both of them were. At the Summer House, however, the waitress was quite attentive and when she learned we found the fluke dry, she whisked it away and replaced it within 5 minutes. The new one was much improved, but we wish the brown butter had been spooned over the entire fish to keep it moist.


Finally we split a dessert just called “Chocolate,” ($14) consisting of chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies, cookie crumbs, pieces of dark chocolate and whipped cream. An utterly spectacular end to an excellent meal. We’ll be back next year.


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