Millie’s: Now a Madaket tradition

Millie’s: Now a Madaket tradition

We have been writing enthusiastically about Millie’s ever since it opened in 2010 at the West End of Nantucket in Madaket. This is an informal place for the entire family that has been wildly popular for the start. Serving primarily variations of fish tacos, quesadillas, po’ boys, sandwiches and salads, Millie’s has been and remains a standout restaurant on Nantucket.


Millie’s is named for Madaket Millie, a legendary but strong recluse who time and again saved sailors off the end of the island. She was eventually inducted into the Coast Guard for her service.

The restaurant Millie’s serves nearly 3 dozen dishes, all named for Nantucket locations, and all delicious. While many are seafood, there are plenty of chicken and a few beef entrees as well.

chowderWhile the basic menu hasn’t changed much, there are regular additions such as the fantastic sweet corn and clam chowder ($8.95) they featured yesterday. Served with abundant clams and potatoes, it is decorated with crunchy tortilla strips, and is so filling it’s almost the whole meal.

But for our main courses we opted for Tom Nevers ($17), a delicious quesadilla made with marinated chicken and cheese, and a Muskeget Po Boy ($25), essentially a lobster roll on a toasted, buttered brioche roll.

Millies has an ample selection of beers, he is constantly visiting the craft beer bar to test new flavors, wines and cocktails, including Margaritas served in mason jars. We opted for the Cisco Whale’s Tale Ale.

One of the great advantages of Millies is the views of the West End sunset every night. It’s nearly always lovely, so make sure you get seated on the second floor where you can appreciate it.


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