Is Orgreenic Cookware a scam?

Is Orgreenic Cookware a scam?

If you are like us, you have been bombarded with ads for Orgreenic Cookware: we sometimes receive 4 or more E-mails a day from them. In addition, their ads are embedded in lots of web sites we visit. Other people report seeing their infomercials any number of times.

We set out to compare the Orgreenic pan with the 10” All Clad pan we bought at Williams-Sonoma in Westport.

If you try and get any information on these products, you discover that they have bombed the web with fake or almost fake review sites, all of which have very positive things to say about their cookware. There are some critical comments at Complaintsboard and at Chowhound.

These products are made to be non-stick without a Teflon coating, which many people prefer to steer away from. So their ads emphasize that you can cook “without oil, butter or grease.”

Based on the negative comments on the latter two web sites, we decided not to order directly from the company ( makes these pans). Too many people had trouble with credit card overcharges, and having an entire set shipped to them instead of the single trial pan. Further while the offer of the day is two pans for $19.99, you have to pay shipping on the second one, as well as on any “free offer” they also include.

If you go to their web site, you will find that they want your credit card number before they tell you what they are charging you for: never a good sign.

Instead, we opted to order the pan from Amazon. It is actually shipped from a company called As Seen on TV Guys (also called Telebrands Inc.). We paid $26.99, with no tax or shipping charges, and there were no hidden free offers. The pan arrived in two days.

Despite the picture on the Amazon web site, the pan came without any box or recipes, wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed into a Tyvek Priority Mail envelope. Despite the indestructibility claims of the infomercial, there was a small dent and chip in the pan when it arrived. And the accompanying materials indicated that they would replace it but would charge a $7.95 shipping charge, which seemed rather unreasonable. Why should we pay for their mistake?

A small circular insert paper in the pan said that the pan should be seasoned before use. We’ve never had to season a pan before: a simple but annoying procedure. You are to pour a film of oil in the bottom of the pan, coat the sides and heat the oil until it begins to smoke. Then pour it out and let the pan cool. Wipe out the excess oil. You are supposed to repeat this twice yearly.

beaded-dropletsPouring a film of oil into this pan is actually quite difficult, because the ceramic surface is non-porous, and the oil tends to bead up instead of covering the pan smoothly. To make sure, we washed the pan with soap and water before trying again.

We then poured in enough oil to cover the bottom and heated it until it began to smoke. This can make quite a smell in the house, and you should open the windows or make sure your exhaust fan is running.

Now, when you season a cast-iron pan, you are really making a thin polymeric layer on top of the porous iron. In the case of these ceramic-coated pans it is not clear why we are doing this.

Further, you are supposed to hand wash the pan rather than put it in the dishwasher, which might spoil the seasoning. This was an annoying discovery, to say the least and certainly would keep us from buying more of them.

all-clad-vs-ogreenicWe weighed the pan, which is probably supposed to have a 9” diameter (but is unlabeled). It weighed in at 23 oz. By contrast our only slightly larger All Clad 10” pan weighed 37 oz. So the Orgreenic pan is a substantial light weight by comparison.

Now for the cooking

We first tried to duplicate the fried egg they show in the infomercial. We warmed the cool pan over medium-low heat, and added one egg. Once it began to solidify, we tried to see if it would “slide around.” While it didn’t, it was easily lifted and moved with a spatula: the egg did not stick at all.

However, as in the video, the top of the “fried” egg is essentially uncooked. We tried covering the egg with a lid, but without any steam or grease it didn’t really cook. We ended up flipping the egg and flipping it back again after half a minute. At this point some of the white stuck to the pan in a streak, but you could wipe it off when the pan cooled.

Now, an egg cooked without fat is essentially a baked egg, and it really doesn’t have a lot of flavor. In fact, the egg was rather tough, and when we flipped it over, we saw why: it had formed a fairly hard coating underneath. It wasn’t overcooked, just hard and not all the tasty.


baconWe also tried cooking a couple of strips of bacon, as one of the Chowhound comments remarked that the bacon stained the pan. We had no trouble: it cooked fine, and all the bacon debris was easily removed with a little soap and water.

The whole idea of cooking without any oil or grease is bizarre on the face of it. Flavors are carried in the fat. So, no matter how you use this pan, it is just a non-stick pan you can use whenever you need something that will fry or sauté something and clean up fairly easily.

The pans are fairly cheaply made compared to our All Clad pan (which is about $77) and it looks like it isn’t very hard to nick the coating, so it isn’t clear what the advantage actually is.

The Orgreenic telephone/web sales is very close to a scam according lots of commenters, but the pan from Amazon did arrive and was indeed non-stick. We really aren’t interested in pans we have to season every few months, though, nor ones you shouldn’t put in the dishwasher.




12 thoughts on “Is Orgreenic Cookware a scam?

  1. I too bought the orgreenix pans and for the very reason of getting away from Teflon coatings. My orgreenix was never ‘stick’ proof, I did not receive any documentation to ‘season’ it either. It has however pitted and not from over heating or anything like that. I think it is just from use. I am either going to start using the Tramontina stainless or go back to cast iron. Tried and true.


    1. My daughter bought me an Orgreenic skillet, I have to say I love it, no scratching on it,have used for 2 years, nice weight, don’t like light cookware, of course the outside get dark from cooking, I happen to love it, and I didn’t season it.


  2. I too, unfortunately bought one of the “orgreenic” not so nonstick pans at on of the As Seen on TV Stores in a Mall so no shipping and handling. It did have a circular insert taped to the inside of the pan and it said to season it by putting a thin layer of oil on the inside, wipe off excess and bake in 325 degree oven for an hour. Which I thought was ridiculous for a nonstick pan. I wasted my time, followed their directions and it sticks anyway. My opinion of their product, and opinions are free, is that the pan stinks. I will go back to using my old tried and true non stick pans and cast iron. Do not waste your money.




    1. I bought the entire set over 5 years ago. I still have and is using them. In fact I have only had to buy a bigger frying pan. The best pots I have owned so far. If I had to have seasoned them, I don’t know. I guess I skipped over the reading material if there were any. It’s been too long ago now, can’t remember where I bought them think I paid at least $70. The frying pan is not so green anymore but after over 5 years of use, it is to be expected. They still work great though.


  3. A friend gave me an Orgreenic cookie sheet that was in absolutely perfect condition. She bought it in a thrift store. It is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!!! Only problem…it is discontinued. 😦 I’ve had it for probably two years now, and I had never seen a green cookie sheet before. After I baked on it again today, I looked on the ends for the name of it. I had never heard of Orgreenic. I then looked online, and I see that it’s not that easy to find this cookware, and on this website there are mostly complaints. As for me, it’s the most amazing baking sheet I have ever seen or experienced using. I’m bummed that it’s no longer available. I for one am very happy to have it!!! By the way, I have never seasoned it, nor have I known to do so, and it still doesn’t stick and is still in perfect condition. A++


  4. 7 years on and my 10” pan is like brand new! I do re season it yearly which is kinda weird but does work. I am guessing that the ceramic coating is not completely non porous. From time to time things do stick to it and I put some water in after use and boil it and it comes perfectly clean. It’s an odd duck but I have tried many other pans and have not had the coatings last. I use this pan every day with a thin edged steel spatula which I will not give up. As for the company itself I would definitely say they are sketchy at best. Buy from a third party vendor!


  5. Bought the 10″ pan in a local store…never said to season it (like you have to do with cast iron). The coating is totally stained and in my opinion THE WORST LINE OF COOKWARE EVER!!! SOOO not non-stick!


  6. I bought Orgreenic’s 9″ X 13″ x 2” Green Non-Stick Baking Pan at least 8 years ago and it has been GREAT. I use it to make meatloaf, baked ziti, roasted vegetables and all kinds of cakes and casseroles. There is not a chip or scratch on the ceramic coating and the only sign that the pan is used is a slight discoloration on the edges and a few scratches on the underside of the pan. Nothing ever sticks and cleanup is as simple as rinsing out the pan. I have never seasoned and only hand wash this pan.


  7. I bought a 10 piece set of Orgreenic 10 years ago. I have had good service from mine. Nothing is perfect, but cleaning is much easier than any stainless steel I’ve used. If something happens to stick, all I do is let it soak. Then it practically rinses clean. As far as the dishwasher, what pots and pans are ever cleaned well in there.


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