Millie’s: a Nantucket favorite

Millie’s: a Nantucket favorite

buildingMillie’s has been a hugely successful restaurant at the west end of Nantucket, in Madaket since 2010. To call it “Mexican” cuisine or CalMex just don’t do it justice. Sure, they have quesadillas and fish tacos, but they also have imaginative salads, appetizers and Po’ Boys, you won’t find together anywhere else. All of them served informally at tables inside and picnic tables and benches outside, where kids can play and where your dog is welcome.

None of the dishes we ordered this year fall into standard categories, and a couple of them seem new to us . We started with a delicious Burrata Beet salad with roasted golden and red beets with burrata, sherry vinegar, candied kumquat and crushed pistachios. Pretty imaginative for what you thought might be a taco joint!


The other appetizer we tried was a Lobster and Mango Summer Roll: with soba noodles, Thai basil and avocado wrapped in rice paper with a sweet chili dipping sauce. While you might think this is a dish with a hint of lobster among its ingredients, if you unwrap one and look, there is quite a good portion of lobster claw meat included. Great with the dipping sauce, or even just picking out the lobster.

lobster mango

And, if you are wondering where on the Island to go for fried clams, consider this “Millies Bridge”Po Boy: a clam roll to end all clam rolls, and even enough you could split one!  You can’t do much better than that. Of course, Millie was a real person, and Millie’s actual bridge to Smith point is less than half a mile from the restaurant!


We always make at least one visit to Millies every time we come! And it is a great place to watch Madaket sunsets!

dog dish


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